Rin-Ne 12 - Rumiko Takahashi

Genre: Horror / Adventure / Comedy / School

Year Published: 2009

Year Read: 2016

Series: Rin-ne #12

Publisher: VIZ Media



This series just keeps getting funnier and funnier with each volume and I continue to enjoy what Rumiko Takahashi brings to the “Rin-Ne” series!  In the twelfth volume, we finally see what kind of events that the black cats by contracts get involved in and how it affects the relationships to their owners and I was literally rolling over laughing at the crazy antics in this volume!



In this volume, Rinne’s Black Cat by Contract, Rokumon, wanted to participate in the Black Cat Ranking Test where he gets to participate in various events that test each Black Cat’s skills and whoever the winner is will get a discount on various Shinigami tools (so of course Rinne will agree to let Rokumon participate)!  So, Rinne and Rokumon, along with Oboro and Suzu compete in the ranking test in order to grab the grand prize!  Other stories in this volume include a ghost girl haunting the school’s swimming pool, Rinne and Rokumon fighting over a pack of mushrooms that were mysteriously sent to them and a ghost girl having unresolved romantic issues with the Sensei.



Rumiko Takahashi has done an excellent job at making this volume extremely hilarious and interesting to read!  I really enjoyed the story involving all the Black Cats getting involved in the Black Cat Ranking Test as it was hilarious and exciting to read, especially during the scenes where the Black Cats had to go through several obstacle courses that test their skills and their attention spans!  It was great seeing a story that focuses on Rokumon for a change and we get to see how he is as a character as he shows great devotion to Rinne and is one of the few Black Cats in the event who actually has his head on straight! I also liked the story line with Rinne and Rokumon fighting over a package of mushrooms as we get to see Rokumon’s loyalty to Rinne being tested as he is so set on eating those mushrooms that he is willing to fight Rinne to get them! Rumiko Takahashi’s artwork is creative, especially of the images of the Black Cats competing in the Black Cat Ranking Test as you can see them jumping all over the place and also see the comedic images of them getting beaten up by the obstacle courses!



A bit of a warning for some readers:  this volume has some language such as the usage of the “d” word and anyone who does not like language in a book might want to skim through these words.



Overall, “Rin-Ne Volume Twelve” is a fun volume filled with hilarious escapades from Rinne and the gang that fans of the “Rin-Ne” series will surely enjoy!



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