Fear Agent, Vol. 3: The Last Goodbye - Rick Remender

Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure / Horror

Year Published: 2007

Year Read: 2012

Series: Fear Agent #3

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics



Brief Introduction:



Ever since I started reading Rick Remender’s “Fear Agent” series, I had always wanted to know more about Heath Huston’s origin tale about how he became a Fear Agent and about why the aliens were attacking the planet Earth.  Well, we finally get Heath Huston’s origin tale in the third volume, “Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye” and man, is it an emotional joyride that you cannot miss!


What is the story?


In this volume, we are finally introduced to the origin tale of Heath Huston and his everlasting battle with both the Tetaldian Race and the Dressite Empire!  Heath Huston was just your average trucker who was married to Charlotte and had a son named Kent and they lived happily together until a tragic day when an alien bomb blows up Heath’s Ranch, taking the lives of his father and son with it!  With only his wife Charlotte surviving with him, Heath must find a way to defeat the invading aliens while soon discovering his destiny in becoming a Fear Agent!


What I loved about this comic:


Rick Remender’s writing:   After reading the first two volumes of the “Fear Agent” series, I was always so interested in the dark yet exciting world that Rick Remender had crafted throughout this series!  I was actually happy that this was the volume that explained Heath Huston’s back story about how he became a Fear Agent and when the aliens started attacking the planet Earth.  Rick Remender has once again proven how effective he is with the storytelling of this series and this volume was not only the most action packed of this series, but it was also the most emotionally scarring volume I had ever read!  I actually felt so much pain and sympathy for all the characters in this volume as Heath and Charlotte had to bear witness to the destruction that the alien race had done to the planet Earth and seeing so many people that they cared about die in the hands of both the Tetaldian Race and the Dressite Empire was a truly tragic experience for me.  I also loved the way that Rick Remender portrayed the relationship between Heath and Charlotte as they truly care for each other and I loved seeing the scenes where Heath would go out of his way of protecting not only Charlotte, but the survivors of the human race.  Rick Remender has done a fantastic job at providing the dramatic twists in this story as there were many moments where I was in shock about how this event was pulled off.


Tony Moore’s artwork: Usually, the artwork of the “Fear Agent” series change within every volume so this time, it is Tony Moore who is the artist of this volume!  Tony Moore’s artwork is truly effective in this volume (even though there were a few scratchy artworks going on in some scenes that made it hard to see what was going on).  I loved the way that Tony Moore did the characters’ expressions as their expressions of shock and terror were truly dramatic to see and I also loved the little details that Tony Moore did with the fighting scenes between the Fear Agents and the aliens as they look truly exciting and intense at the same time.


What made me feel uncomfortable about this book:


Even though I was excited that I finally come across a volume in the “Fear Agent” series that actually explains Heath Huston’s origin story, I have to wonder myself about why this was not done in the first volume?  What I love about origin stories is that you are able to get to know the character on a much deeper level and it makes the events that they are going through much easier to understand.  So, after I read this volume, I actually felt more sympathy for Heath’s character, but I wished that this was introduced in the first volume so I would have understood Heath’s character a bit better.  Also, for anyone who does not like gory violence and strong language, this volume has plenty of strong language and the violence is raised up a notch as there are many images of people being killed and having their guts being ripped out of their bodies.


Final Thoughts:


Overall, “Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye” is a great read that really delves into Heath Huston’s character and even though it took about three volumes to finally get Heath’s full back story, it was worth it as now I am looking forward to reading the fourth volume in the “Fear Agent” series to see what will now become of Heath Huston!


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