Tuesday - David Wiesner
Genre: Fantasy / Magic
Year Published:
Year Read: 

 “Tuesday” is a Caldecott Award winning book from the creative mind of David Wiesner and is about how some seemingly ordinary frogs from a pond go on a magical adventure throughout the city.  David Wiesner’s story of a magic along with his beautiful illustrations makes “Tuesday” a mesmerizing book for children.

David Wiesner has done it again with creating a wordless book that tells its story through his illustrations.  David Wiesner’s story is interesting as the only words that he uses in this book are the short sentences that tell the reader what time the magical event is taking place. It is David Wiesner’s illustrations that take center stage here as they are magnificent and creative, especially of the images of the frogs flying through the air on their lily pads.  The image that probably stood out the most for me was the image of the dog being chased by a whole horde of frogs riding on lily pads as the left page is flooded by images of frogs riding on their lily pads chasing the dog while the dog runs away in terror.

“Tuesday” is an excellent book about the power of using one’s imagination as magic is the main theme here and this book will surely be an instant treat to children who love books dealing with adventure and imagination.  I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since the majority of the book is wordless and young children will easily enjoy the illustrations.


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