Weird Parents (Picture Puffins) - Audrey Wood
Genre: Family / Surreal / Comedy

Year Published: 1990

Year Read:  1993

Publisher: Puffin
Weird Parents
“Weird Parents” is another classic book from the famed children’s author…..AUDREY WOOD!!!!  This book humorously narrates the story of a boy’s attempts at trying to get used to his parents’ awkward ways with society. Audrey Wood’s hilarious story and even more hilarious illustrations make this book a true comedic and sitcom book.

Audrey Wood has truly been successful in her children’s books and “Weird Parents” is certainly no exception. Audrey Wood explores the trials of what every child goes through whenever they have parents who embarrassed them in public, but in the end, understands that their parents really do care about them no matter how weird they are. Also, Audrey Wood’s illustrations are humorous and surreal as she illustrates everyone in public as regular looking people while the weird parents have loud and colorful clothing and wobbly limbs. The image that really stood out the most in this book was the image of the weird parents reading their son a scary book inside the tent and their eyes are wide with fright while the boy just sits with them with a contented look on his face. This image shows that the narrator, the little boy, finally comes to terms with his parents’ oddness in society and realizes that his parents do in fact love him no matter how weird they are.

“Weird Parents” is an excellent book about respecting your parents’ individuality and learning the true meaning of parental love for a child, despite them occasionally embarrassing you in public. For parents who want to teach their children about parental love, this book is certainly appropriate for children ages four and over and will surely be another cult classic from Audrey Wood.
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